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welcome to my personal website www.GüntherSagl.com!

Today, a variety of highly different technologies are able to sense physical as well as social phenomena in real-time. Such technologies include geo-sensor networks, mobile communication networks, social media, as well as human sensors etc. These technologies generate vast volumes of spatio-temporal data that can be used to investigate the underlying geographic phenomena. Such spatio-temporal "sensor data" can then be transformed into geo-aware sensations by using both conventional and novel analysis methods linked to GIScience theory. By carefully examining their spatial and temporal characteristics, such geo-aware sensations can help to better understand complex real-world processes.

The outcomes of my research contribute to a better understanding of some spatio-temporal dynamics and relationships of environmental and social phenomena. More generally speaking, the outcomes provide additional insights into some aspects of the interface between the environment and the society, thereby facilitating "Digital Earth" (Gore, 1998) and "Electronic Skin" (Gross, 1999).

GIScience rocks!

Dr. GS ;)